Saturday, October 26, 2013

Announcing injectahvent - a lightweight integration between CDI Events & Apache Camel exchanges

Howdy all!

I am proud to announce a new open source library I am working on, injectahvent.  Injectahvent is meant to be a light weight integration between Camel Messages and CDI Events.  It allows you to define a processor that will fire CDI events on Camel exchanges, and in turn will also allow you to register new ObserverMethods in CDI that listen for events and move them over to Apache Camel exchanges.

So what does it do so far?

Well, it's a little generic right now, but essentially you can register a new CDIEventProcessor in to your RouteBuilder and let CDI fire an Event with the body and exchange objects.

The second part it does is is to allow an application developer to create a simple CDI extension that registers new ObserverMethods for CDI events to look for and use a Camel ProducerTemplate to fire that message.

Conceptually, this is a carry on project from the JBoss SeamJMS module.  While the new fluent API for sending messages was inspired by some of the builder pattern used in Seam JMS and is now incorporated in JMS 2.0, the firing of events was not carried over.  Firing the events is more of an EIP/EAI type of tool.  As a result, I decided to leverage Apache Camel to make it more generic.

The library leverages Apache DeltaSpike, with its CDI Container Control API to start a new RequestContext for a fired message.  It's currently assumed that the basic bootstrap of a CDI container is done outside of this context.

Source Code:

I hope to start putting together a wiki for it soon.  As well as doing some nice code clean up.

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