Tuesday, November 20, 2012

LinkedIn Updates

Well, if it's not already known, I recently left Burlington Coat Factory and joined the team at Sparta Systems.  The most curious thing to note is the influx of LinkedIn views, connection requests and overall traffic.  I'm used recruiters pinging me occasionally on LinkedIn saying, roughly, "OMG I have the greatest job for you ever email me for details."  Then you email them and receive back jobs all over the state/rough conditions.  Worst yet, you do end up interviewing with these people and they can be completely disorganized to the point where the job is clearly too painful.

I will say I found LinkedIn to be a very useful tool during my job search.  I was able to research the people I was interviewing with before hand, what companies they came from and how they were related previously.  Also gave me a good idea about what they may be looking for in a new recruit.  Made a world of difference.

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