Saturday, June 4, 2011

Seam JMS 3.0.0.Beta2 is now out!

Finally, Beta2 of the Seam JMS project is now available. This is mostly a minor improvement release:

1. Support for TopicBuilders and QueueBuilders, simple interfaces for sending and receiving messages with JMS. To use one, just inject a reference:

@Inject QueueBuilder queueBuilder;

Then, choose destinations and send messages:

queueBuilder.destination("jms/SomeQueue").send("This is my text");

No need for complicated objects or anything. In addition, the TopicBuilder supports Subtopics. Subtopics are based around message selectors, using a String property sm_jms_subtopic.

2. Changes in the mapping APIs. Instead of using @Routing(RouteType.INGRESS) or @Routing(RouteType.EGRESS) you can simply use @Inbound and @Outbound. I figure this will be easier to read and remember.

3. Some big documentation clean ups occurred, and I'm still working on some more.

Visit the module homepage here:
Grab the download here:

Visit the Seam Community Forums with any questions, comments or issues!

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