Sunday, July 18, 2010

Outsource Source Control

It's been a while blog, but I have something on my mind that I need to get out there.

As some may know, my company still uses SCCS for source control. More over, they included a home grown wrapper around it to make source control SOX compliant. What? Why is source control a SOX compliance issue? For binary files, you don't even want to know (and we're big on discoverer reports).

Anyways, my group is allowed to use CVS, as SCCS cannot control Java (I swear this is what I was told). I hate it. I come from ClearCase and Subversion in my background. ClearCase had a lot of awesome features, but probably overkill for small shops. Subversion, to me it had very few features, but it worked.

Personally, I love the distributed model. The problem we have at work is that everyone can get on to test machines, and they will only host source code on test machines. I want a central server where no one else can get to the code. I've thought about outsourcing the source control, but I'm worried about externals getting the code. Anyone know if the hosters provide NDAs and private/secure repositories?

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